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Important Juror Information

(Nevada City) Parking spaces designated for jurors are located in the lower portion of the County parking lot located on the corner of Main St. and Washington, just across the street from the back corner of the Courthouse. (Please refer to Parking Lot A in red on the map located on your summons). Additional parking for jurors is located in the St. Canice Church parking lot with its entrance off Coyote Street across from the Nevada City Post Office parking lot. (Please refer to Parking Lot B in red on the map located on your summons.) If you are having difficulty locating a parking space, you may want to try the lot behind the Nevada City Veterans Building, which is located on the corner of North Pine Street and Cottage (approximately one block behind the courthouse. (Truckee) Parking at the Joseph Center is on a first-come first-served basis and there is usually ample parking. If the parking lot is full you may park along Levon Avenue under most circumstances. Do not park in the Hospital parking lot.

All jurors who appear, whether selected to sit on a jury panel or excused, will receive $15.00 per day starting with the second day of service as juror fees plus 15 cents per mile one way.

On the day you are summoned, the judge will inform the group of the expected length of the trial. If the length of the trial will cause a hardship due to a prior commitment or for financial reasons, you may ask the judge to be excused. Your request will be granted or denied at the judge’s discretion.

How did my name get selected for jury duty?
Jurors’ names are selected at random from lists of registered voters and individuals who have a driver’s license or identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Be aware, if your name if for example “John Paul Jones” on your drivers license and “John P. Jones” on the voters registration, the computer assumes you are two people, and you may receive a second notice. If you do receive another notice, please let us know.

How long will my name be on the prospective jurors’ list?
Your name will remain on the county juror list for one fiscal year (July through June). You may be called at any time during that year. Nevada County has implemented the “One Day/One Trial” system wherein once you have appeared in court as a juror, whether you are selected to sit on a jury panel or excused, you will not be called upon again that year. You can be called for jury duty every other year; however, this usually does not occur.

How can I be a juror if my boss won’t let me off?
Pursuant to Labor Code Section 230, your employer must let you off for jury duty. Employers cannot discharge an employee called for jury duty service if the employee gives reasonable notice of the summons. Employers do not have to pay you for your attendance at jury duty.

Does the court have any assistive listening devices if I have a hard time hearing?
Each courtroom is equipped with a Phonic Ear Personal FM System. The wireless receivers will allow a person to sit anywhere in the courtroom and hear the proceedings. Persons who do or do not have hearing aids may use them. Should you wish to use this assistive listening device, please advise the court attendant or bailiff.