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Civil Delay Reduction (CMC)


Court management of cases to reduce unacceptably long periods of time in which there is no action in case processing. The court clerk will set a date for the Case Management Conference at the time the complaint is filed.

The complaint and cross-complaint are to be filed and served pursuant to California Rule of Court 3.110, along with a copy of the Notice of Case Management Conference and the Case Management Information Sheet with attached blank copy of the Case Management Statement. Counsel is also required to serve the Nevada County Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Information Sheet and attached stipulation form.

At least fifteen calendar days prior to the scheduled Case Management Conference, each party shall file with the court and serve on all parties, a completed Case Management Statement.

- (Nevada City Branch Only)

Based on the information provided in the Case Management Conference Statement the court will post a proposed Case Management Conference Order to counsel, or parties appearing without counsel, containing a trial, pre-trial, and settlement conference date. The proposed order may also contain a referral to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Proposed orders will be posted to the Tentative Rulings section of our website (click here) and will indicate whether appearance at the Case Management Conference is required or the procedure for appearance if counsel or party wish to modify the contents of the proposed order.

The Case Management Conference will be called on the scheduled date. The proposed order issued by the court in those cases in which counsel or party did not appear or request argument will be deemed approved and will be adopted by the court.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you may obtain the contents of the proposed order by calling the Clerk’s office at (530) 265-1333 or (530) 265-7230 the Friday before the scheduled conference to obtain the contents of the proposed order. Otherwise you must appear at the Case Management Conference either in person or through CourtCall. Information for appearing through CourtCall can be obtained by calling CourtCall TOLL FREE at 888-882-6878.